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Plastic film blowing machine leads the benign development of plastic industry

Time: 2019-03-29

In recent years, the domestic plastic machinery industry has been in a period of development. The development of the domestic plastic industry has led to the booming of the related industrial chain, among which the machinery industry such as film blowing mechanism manufacturing is one of the fastest developing industries related to the plastic industry. With the increasing market demand, the annual output of China's plastic industry is far from meeting the demand of the consumer market. The broad market prospect provides a development opportunity for the film blowing mechanism manufacturing machinery equipment based on the plastic industry.

Now China is the world's second largest plastic consumption, plastic machinery output and social ownership of the world's first; But with a population of 1.3 billion, the average annual consumption of plastics per person in China is still very low. This contrast not only shows that China has made great achievements in the development of the plastic industry, but also indicates that there is still a broad space for the future development of China's plastic machinery industry, especially the film blowing machine industry.

Paper packaging development is blocked, stimulate the development of plastic film blowing machine:

According to the film blowing machine market research report shows that the current market popular packaging mainly in plastic, paper, plastic film blowing machine - based blow molding industry in the market proportion is larger. However, with the increasingly strict requirements on the paper industry, the new indicators of environmental protection and energy conservation have raised the threshold of the paper industry, resulting in the expansion of the paper packaging market costs and price increases. This makes the share of plastic packaging in the market increased accordingly, stimulating the development of film blowing machinery industry. At the same time, the environmental protection and energy saving technology in the film blowing machine industry has been attached importance to promote the film blowing machine to the high-end level.

However, from the perspective of the development of plastic machinery, the domestic plastic industry has a short growth cycle, imperfect production lines and backward equipment, which leads to low product quality and can not meet people's requirements for high-grade plastic packaging. Moreover, the low requirements of the plastic industry make it difficult for the technological innovation of the film blowing mechanism manufacturing enterprises to get the market response, and the innovative ability of developing advanced technologies cannot be effectively put to use, which hindering the development of the film blowing mechanism manufacturing industry. The film blowing technology dominated by the film blowing machine has not been improved effectively and has not been recognized by the market. As a result, the precision film blowing machinery required by the market is mainly imported, which causes derailment of the plastic industry and the plastic machine industry, and the increase in production cost is not conducive to the benign economic development.

Improve the film blowing mechanism manufacturing model, improve the film blowing technology:

It is the key factor of developing plastic machinery industry to improve the model of film blowing mechanism and the technology of film blowing. Blown film machine must be on the premise of advanced science and technology, increase the content of science and technology, combined with plastic production, to reduce the energy consumption at the same time, improve the quality of the film blowing machine and blown film technology, vigorously develop the international high-end molding machine, and put it into practice, blown film machine, high quality of the hardware facilities, to ensure that the plastic industry demand, for domestic film blowing machine innovation road lay the foundation for the future.