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Plastic high-tech industry into the central plains - henan shangqiu yuanhai plastic opening ceremony

Time: 2019-04-10

On October 17, kunshan yuanhai plastic products co., ltd. established a branch factory -- shangqiu yuanhai plastic products co., ltd. in henan xiayi industrial cluster area, and held the opening ceremony officially into production!



Shangqiu regional industrial agglomeration area leaders presided over the opening ceremony


Mr. Qi jianguian, general manager of shangqiu yuanhai plastic co., LTD., delivered a speech


Special guest: Mr. Lu xuebing, general manager of suzhou xiaobing environmental protection technology co., LTD and President of henan chamber of commerce, delivered the speech


Special guests: Mr. Luan fuan, general manager of zhejiang zhongsu online co., LTD., jiangsu zhongsu tong information technology co., LTD., deputy secretary general of kunshan plastics industry association, made a speech

5.webp.jpgComrade peng yong, director of the human resources and social security bureau of xiayi county, spoke on behalf of the investment unit


Hu bailing, leader of the county commission for discipline inspection, made a speech on behalf of xiayi county commission for discipline inspection, xiayi county supervision commission and relevant functional departments


Ouyang health, deputy county leader of the county government, made a speech on behalf of the people's government of xiayi county


Leading comrades and business leaders together for the opening of shangqiu yuanhai plastic co., LTD

    Kunshan yuanhai plastic products co., ltd. was founded in 2003, is a set of mold research and development, injection molding, spray assembly and other processes in one of the high-tech manufacturing enterprises, with a highly automated unmanned workshop; Mainly produces computer injection molding parts, auto parts, car child safety seats and r & d manufacturing precision mold. Company building area 10000 square meters!

       Yuan hai plastic in the Internet field, belongs to the offline terminal quality enterprises, high reputation, high recognition in the same industry! Industry exposure rate 100%!

    In 2011, yuanhai plastic became a member of kunshan plastic industry association.

    In March 2018, yuanhai plastic joined jiangsu plastic processing industry association and became a member. In April of the same year, yuanhai plastic was nominated by President wei hua of jiangsu plastic processing industry association and approved by the standing director, making it the vice President unit.

    Henan shangqiu yuanhai plastic total investment of 350 million yuan, the company covers an area of about 30,000 square meters, construction area of 18,000 square meters, has a mold processing center, 26 injection molding machines, assembly 2, more than 350 employees.


Into the source of the sea production workshop

According to historical record: Yin shang ancestor qi zuo yu, clansmen lived here, hence the name shang qiu! Xiayi, known as "China kong zu land, words under the city" said! Mr. Qi jiquan, chairman of yuanhai plastics, is from shangqiu xiayi, henan province. In order to promote the development of his hometown and promote the local economic development and employment, he plays a role of promoting and helping the waves. At the same time, yuanhai plastics occupies shangqiu xiayi, laying a foundation for the future of yuanhai group.