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How to appraise the stand or fall of plastic turnover box

Time: 2019-03-29

Choose your skills.

Turnover box can be selected according to the following points, choose plastic turnover box turnover basket pallet plastic bucket.

1. The turnover box should first look at the color of the product. The product with good quality has bright color and good luster.

2. The turnover box to see weight, general situation, the same specifications turnover box products, with the same material, the turnover box is heavier, the better, of course, but this is deceptive a trap, do not have the sincerity of the turnover box factory, can add powder in the turnover box, make product weight increases, but the consequences of this is the product easy to burst, the turnover box greatly shorten service life.

More than 3. Begin, user can press the turnover box products, make its have certain deformation, if not break, the product quality is relatively good, poor quality products, a little by the pressure, will be broken, but if you want to buy on the quality of the products have doubt, don't stand on the product try its bearing capacity, be careful, once broken, was scratched. Of course, if the user wants to be at ease and save worry, of course, it is to identify a number of larger scale, good reputation turnover box enterprises to buy.