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Company Introduce

Kunshan source sea plastic products co., LTD. Was established in April 2003, is located in kunshan city, jiangsu province, the first domestic counties, flower bridge town, mainly in plastic mold development, design, manufacturing, plastic molding, painting, printing, laser carving, assemble, hot melt into a private enterprise, mainly produces NB series, computer monitors, routers, power tools, safety seat...

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Development history
  • Set sail

    In April 2003, kunshan yuanhai was put into production (4 injection molding machines). Mainly injection processing. In April 2007, kunshan yuanhai factory expanded to 14 sets, including printing equipment for plastic products, hot-melt equipment and assembly line.

  • Pragmatic development

    In February 2010, kunshan yuanhai factory moved from lujia town to huaqiao town, increased to 24 injection molding machines, and established mold department. In August 2010, kunshan yuwei precision electronic technology co., ltd. was established with 10 injection molding machines invested.

  • Steady

    In March 2013, the number of kunshan yuanhai injection molding machines increased to 26, respectively 1000T and 1300T, producing automotive products. In May 2016, the number of kunshan yuanhai injection molding machines increased to 36, and the number of mold equipment increased to 8 in the same year.

  • Development innovation

    Henan shangqiu yuanhai plastic co., LTD., located in xiayi county, shangqiu city, henan province, was established in October 2018.By the end of August 2019, kunshan yuanhai will expand the construction area of 3,000 square meters from the current 5,000 square meters to build a separate workshop for people, machines and materials, comprehensively renovate 6S factory area and improve the working environment of employees.

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